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Fantasy Coin is proud to work with our partners to create ancillary products from your favorite game, movie, and animated universes.  From board game replacements to movie props and LARPing events, we are committed to bringing quality products to the world.

Please see the following list to learn more about our partners and their products, and make sure to visit their sites for more detailed information.

FrogPants Studios, located in Eagle Mountain, Utah, was founded by artist and digital media creator Scott Johnson.  Need some custom artwork? Some podcasting help? I am never expensive, and often available, so use the contact form and let me know what’s what!

Incidentally, I also have a thing for Robots and Zombies. That’s all.

The Rangers: A Shadow Rising is an action adventure fantasy series being produced by The Forge, set for release Summer 2015. In this epic tale of good vs. evil, Brander Noke, "Wolf", and his band of  elite Rangers, pick up the trail of mysterious events and begin to investigate. What they can only sense, but not yet see to report, is a shadow of great evil rising in the region they patrol, the Borderlands, a northern province that is the gateway to the kingdom they are sworn to protect.  The Rangers Film

Floodgate Games is a tabletop game company committed to creating inventive titles that offer unique gameplay, strategic depth, and non-stop enjoyment. Founded by Ben Harkins in 2012, Floodgate has been proud to produce Vault Wars, Epic Resort, King of Clubs, and breakout hit Legacy: Gears of Time